Education in Russia.

     Russia is a country of incredible opportunities for higher education.
     Russia is a highly educated country with over half of its residents holding a university degree. Russians have rich, centuries-old educational traditions.
     Each year Russia accepts students from all over the world, from nearly 170 countries, and you can join them.
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     Our mission is to help You choose a University that meets Your requirements and get high-quality, modern education in Russia.

There are 850 universities in 85 regions of Russia that accept international students. Russian universities train a wide variety of specialists, both in engineering and the humanities, and regularly place in the top of international rankings. Education in Russia is much more affordable than in the USA or UK. Moreover, international students have the opportunity to study for free at the expense of the Government budget. Having got basic education you can continue your education at clinical internships, postgraduate studies, institutions of doctoral candidacy. Russian universities provide their students with comfortable studying and living conditions and help them adapt to the country. There is a comfortable dormitories, a wonderful sports centers , a rich libraries with study materials and halls with internet excess.


The language courses

Learning a foreign language in a country where it is spoken is the most effective method to ensure the best result. Language schools in Russia offer different methods of studying the Russian language, depending on why human language.

If just for communication, it is clear that the emphasis should be on spoken language.

If the person is more or less fluent in Russian, but bad writing - and writing is always more difficult than to talk without grammar will not do.

If the language is useful for business, it is good to first know what exactly, and accordingly to introduce design and expression, adopted in this region.

In fact, there is a full immersion in the environment. Students use the Russian language not only in the classroom but also in public transport, in museums and restaurants everywhere.Language learning becomes more than just a language course. This is and area studies, and intercultural communication, and exchange of experience.

Language schools help their students to feel part of the city and enjoy the program of events offered by the region.

Preparatory course

A foundation year will help you tо:

  • master enough Russian to study at a Russian university;
  • get a certificate that confirms your level of Russian;
  • brush up your knowledge of exam subjects;
  • learn Russian traditions and adapt to the new lifestyle.

One of the advantages of higher education in Russia is that one can start studying at a university not knowing the Russian language. Before commencing a bachelor or master programme, one can invest a year in a foundation course at a preparatory department for foreigners. An intensive programme of the Russian language, (usually, 4-6 hours per day) a foundation year entails can equip you for further studies in Russian. Special attention is paid to the study of grammar and culture, oral and written communication in professional language.

Most foundation courses are fee-based. If you contact us we will help you to select a foundation course and give you any additional information.

In addition, enrollees will study some General subjects depending on the chosen direction:

  • natural science focus (Russian language, mathematics, physics and chemistry);
  • engineering and technical direction (Russian language, mathematics, physics and computer science);
  • Humanities(Russian language, social studies, history and literature);
  • economic focus (Russian language, social studies, history and maths);
  • biomedical orientation (Russian language, chemistry, biology and physics)

that is needed for entrance exams. You can easily do a foundation year at one Russian university and then apply to any other one.

All students take exams upon completion of their foundation year. Successfully passing these exams, they are admitted to the university.

Higher education — undergraduate, specialist, master

In Russia there are several levels of higher professional education:

  • level of higher education where you can study in programme;
  • that award a qualification « Bachelor»;
  • level of higher education higher education — undergraduate;
  • higher education — specialist, master;
  • n where you can study in programme that award a qualification « Specialist » and « Master's »;

There are several terms of the learning programs of higher professional education :

  • for the qualification (degree) "bachelor" not less than four years (this period of training and add here to the universities);
  • for the qualification "certified specialist" not less than five years (usually 5 or 5.5 years);
  • for the qualification (degree) "master" not less than six years.

The degree of "bachelor" and "master" are the first scientific degrees. The degree of "bachelor" is always preceded by the receiving of diploma of specialist or master. After the four years of study at the University you need to decide what stage of higher education you will degree. If you are not going to be a scientist or work in high school, you should choose the diploma of "bachelor", in another case, you should choose a master's degree. For bachelor and specialist degrees it is possible to act on the basis of secondary General education, graduate programs and training personnel of higher qualification on the basis of higher education other levels (not necessarily budgetary basis) for the training programs of training of the top skills you must have higher education — specialist, mastеr.

The opportunity to obtain the diploma of the master can not provide in all Universities. Universities can not provide this opportunity for all areas and specialties.

Information about levels of higher education, is available to you for each specialty, can be found in advertising brochures of the University or contact us

Higher education — training of highly qualified personnel

Training of higher qualification includes a program of training of teaching staff in graduate school (the graduate school), programs of internship, assistentura-internships.

Programme of postgraduate studies (adjuncture) one of the main conditions of study, excluding education, is the preparation of a thesis on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of Sciences, which can also be carried out by attaching an applicant to a University or research organization. In the latter case, the duration of these preparation is not limited, but all other requirements of the degree remain the same as for graduate students. The graduate school is the graduate school of the universities as:

  • residency — the system of advanced training of physicians in medical schools, institutes of advanced education and research institutions. Training programs internship provides the students purchase needed for performing professional activities the level of knowledge, skills, and skills to occupy certain positions medical workers and pharmaceutical workers. For development of programs of residency allowed persons with higher medical education and (or) higher pharmaceutical education;
  • the assistantship-traineeship — training and creative pedagogical personnel of higher qualification in the creative and performing specialties in full-time higher education, implementing the basic educational programs of higher education in the arts.

For development of programs of assistentura-internships allowed persons with higher education in the arts.

Faculties & Specialties


Analysis and selection of optimal training programs

  • selection of Universities and programs and forms of education on the chosen speciality taking into account Your wishes and preferences.
  • advising on the conditions of admission to the chosen University, the living conditions and the cost of training.

  • Submit your Document Package

  • to fill out application for admission, indicating chosen subject and form of study to the university; to submit documents to the selection committee of the university;
  • to getiing an Invitation and Apply for a Student Visa;

  • Support

  • transfer and accommodation at the hotel;
  • support to schools;
  • support your study and life during the first semester.

  • Additional services

  • organization of excursions around the city and Russia;
  • organization of language courses.

  • Translation of documents

  • translation and certification of documents;
  • registration of the documents for recognition of education obtained in a foreign state in Russia.
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